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Calling all gamers: Here’s what you need to know about gaming at Miami

Miami’s esports teams are just one of the many opportunities gamers can take advantage of during their time on campus.
Miami’s esports teams are just one of the many opportunities gamers can take advantage of during their time on campus.

An earlier version of this story included a virtual reality room in King Library. The virtual reality room is not currently available.

Most students come to college to get a degree, and more than a few come to party. For those students who prefer a night in or the entertainment of a video game to going Uptown, Miami University has got you covered.

From a varsity esports team to a mega-club of geeks, here’s how you can keep your gaming passion alive in college.

Esports Lounge

If you’re familiar with the Armstrong Student Center, you’ve seen the giant screen with the gaming roster on the second floor near Red Zone. Right down the hall from that screen is the Esports Lounge where you can drop in and play select games for free. The inside of the lounge is designed with a gamer in mind — ergonomic chairs, large desktop displays and just the right lighting to focus on your favorite video games.

If you have questions about their hours, reservations or gaming equipment provided, check out the Student Center website.

Esports varsity program

Need a little more competition and community when playing some of your favorite games? Consider trying out for the varsity esports program.

Miami has teams for a variety of competitive titles like “Halo,” “Hearthstone,” “Overwatch” and “Super Smash Bros.” among others. These teams compete in events all over the country and have won numerous awards.

The organization has its own website, Discord server, and other ways to connect on social media or through email. Check out these nationally-ranked esports teams!

Esports Club

Looking for a halfway point between the casual Esports Lounge and the varsity team? Join the Esports Club! They play many of the same games you’re likely already playing, including “League of Legends,” “VALORANT” and “Rocket League,” and they’re always open to new members and experiences.

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Go to their Hub page to see how to join their organization and Discord server. They already have an event planned for Sept.15, so check them out!

League of Geeks

Now this is the club you want to visit at Mega Fair if you have any interest or questions about Miami gaming culture.

This is a conglomeration of many different clubs and organizations that fall under the gaming and or nerdy category. From anime and comic books to “Dungeons & Dragons,” this league has everything you need to find your interest. Check out their Hub page here for more details.