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An open letter to the TMS Newsroom

<p>Video Editor Hannah Horsington joins the viral TikTok sensation, a “What are you listening to?” video.</p>

Video Editor Hannah Horsington joins the viral TikTok sensation, a “What are you listening to?” video.

Dear The Miami Student Newsroom, 

To some, you’re just another random office in Armstrong. To me, you’re the place I’ve called home for the past four years (well, more like three … thanks for nothing, COVID-19).

The first time I stepped foot inside and saw those bright green walls, rows of computers and stacks of papers, I was intimidated. Very intimidated. I remember thinking, “Wow, this room is so professional, and everyone in it is so put together. I’m not sure I’ll ever be as good as them.” 

And then I saw the big Lego Hogwarts sitting in the center of the room, and I knew I would fit in. 

So there I was, a first-year, brand-new to campus and professional journalism, scared to dive right in, but about to do it anyway.

And I’m so, so grateful I did.

Between classes, you’re my go-to, whether I’m doing last-minute homework, watching Netflix and eating a spicy chicken sandwich from Pulley’s or even taking a quick nap on the table. Having a space that I know won’t be crowded or loud has done so much for me on busy class days.

On Sundays, you’re the place I get to recap with all my friends about Saturday night shenanigans. In fact, you’re the place I made most of my friends. During my first year, you’re the place where I found other first-years who had interests similar to mine. As time went on, I made friends with people older than me, people who were always there to give me guidance in all aspects of life, from a career in journalism to dropping out of sorority recruitment. 

And then, slowly, I became the upperclassman, and I found myself making friends with people new to The Student. Suddenly, I was the one providing guidance and thinking back fondly to when life wasn’t all about graduation and job applications and leaving all of my friends.

And, one day, I realized that maybe those people I was so intimidated by years ago didn’t have it all together all the time. Do any of us, really?

As I’ve gone from a scared first-year to a confident senior (yet one who’s still trying to figure life out), you’ve been the constant thread that has kept me grounded. No matter what, you, TMS Newsroom, were always there.

In fact, you’ve allowed me to share things with my friends when I needed it most.

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We joke that I like to “trauma dump” to other staffers in the newsroom. But everyone needs a space to unload the thoughts that are weighing on them or to talk through difficult situations, and you’re that place for me.

Throughout college:

  1. My childhood best friend eloped

  2. My divorced-for-13-years parents got back together

  3. A global pandemic shut down the world

And so, so much more. But every time, you were there for me, Newsroom. I’d sit among your lime green (now red!) walls, spill everything to my friends, maybe yell or cry a little and, in the end, I’d feel so much better.

So thank you, TMS Newsroom, for giving me a place to share the ups and downs of my life. Thank you for giving me a place to cram for an exam at the last minute or set a timer to sleep for exactly four minutes before class. Thank you for giving me my best friends, and a place to cry about how sad I am to leave them. 

Thank you for giving me a place to share all the craziness that inevitably follows me, from a massive sinkhole opening up in my hometown to stories about my god-awful middle school sex-ed teacher. I was voted “most likely to tell the wildest hometown stories,” and you gave me a place to tell them, Newsroom.

Thank you for giving me a place to be me. 

Love you forever, ASC 3018.