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Senior Wills

Managing Editor Abby Bammerlin started working at The Miami Student her first day on campus. And now that she's transitioning out of leadership, she couldn't be more grateful.

Abby Bammerlin, Managing Editor

To Luke Macy: I leave you my position but, more importantly, I leave you my chair, so enjoy the power. Finally, I leave you all my pineapple gummy bears. Consume responsibly. 

To Sean Scott: I leave you my will to live. You’ll definitely need it for the new gig!

To Macey Chamberlin:  I leave Slack DMs to use during the next class you have with a TMSer. I also leave you the master key to the TMS Drive, so please stop calling me.

To Devin Ankeney: I leave you our fan. Don’t let it ever get stolen again!

To Jack Schmelzinger: I leave you all my sports knowledge; it’s not a lot. 

To Jake Ruffer: I leave you Luke Macy. Sorry about this one, it sounds like he’s going to be making you do a lot more work.

To Reece Hollowell: I leave you the responsibility to create every graphic for every story. 

To Teddy Johnson and Patrick Sullivan: I leave you an AP Stylebook and the resilience to fight your new editors. Good luck!

To Fred Reeder: I leave you a newsroom full of the most capable and knowledgeable student journalists I know. And a bottle of Scotch for when they’re not. 

Opinion and Food Editor Ames Radwan served their editorial tenure with loudmouthed pride.

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Ames Radwan, Opinion & Food Editor

To Devin Ankeney: I leave the Opinion section. I have had the pleasure of watching you grow and flourish as a person, as a writer and as an assistant editor over the past year, and I have no doubt that this growth will continue to trend upwards during your tenure as editor. I also leave you the responsibility of fighting Fred Reeder about Opinion articles, my boundless energy and the promise that if you ever take down the Ten Commandments of Opinion, I will haunt you until the day you die. Go get ‘em, bruh. <3

To Kaitlin McDowell: I leave the Food section. May your fresh pair of eyes, love for journalism and full stomach guide the section and your own college journey to new heights.

To Jack Schmelzinger: Go Bolts!

To Soren Melbye: I leave my deepest apologies for always saddling you with last-minute changes to the Opinion spread. But I can’t promise that’ll change under new management.

To Reece Hollowell: I leave my Taylor Swift addiction and burger baseball. #slay

To Macey Chamberlin: I leave the title of coolest ginger on staff. You technically already held this, but, you know. Now it’s official.

To Teddy Johnson: I leave the responsibility of causing as much chaos during production night as humanly possible. Love ya, Teds.

Cosette Gunter-Stratton, Editor-in-Chief

To Sean Scott: I leave Patti Newsberry, as is tradition. You and Luke have to put a little heart with your names on it in the back.

To Devin: I leave charge of decorating decisions in the newsroom. I trust you.

To Luke & Alice: I leave custody of Teddy.

To Macey: I leave the title of Queen of the Newsroom. I never had this title but I still want you to have it.

To Jack & Jake: I leave the title of best duo. Abby and I are graduating out of this role.

To Reece: I leave being the loudest person in the room at any time. I also can be loud and I appreciate this about you.

Hannah Horsington, Video Editor

To somebody. Anybody. Please: I leave the video section. 

To Alice Momany: I leave the position of co-social chair. TMS formal WILL happen one day!

To next year’s multimedia team, whoever you may be — I leave the TMS TikTok (follow us @themiamistudent). Bonus points if there are more videos of staffers slapping each other with newspapers or throwing shit at Teddy.

To Megan McConnell: I leave custody of Jack Schmelzinger’s coat that’s been at our house since Christmas, since he can’t be trusted to come get it. Jack, we definitely didn’t leave anything in the pockets. <3

For Lexi Whitehead, The Miami Student has been a place to grow as a journalist, as well as a place she could be herself around all her best friends.

Lexi Whitehead, Senior Campus & Community Editor

To Alice Momany and Reagan Rude: I leave the Campus & Community section. I was there when the section was born, so take care of it for me. I also leave the tradition of the C&C walk and all the games we’ve made up.

To Macey Chamberlin: I leave the co-social chair position. Continue to throw banger social events.

To Sean Scott: I leave having the best taste on the production playlist.

Photo by Sean Scott | The Miami Student

Outgoing Entertainment editor Maggie Peña will miss all the friends she's made at The Miami Student, and all the fun times they have together (including this manila envelope hat).

Maggie Peña, Entertainment Editor

To Sean Scott: I leave you the corner seat of the newsroom (not that it was mine to give, but I want to ensure you keep it). I also leave you Reece; please keep him in check (I worry about the graphics he will create … just kidding, Reece is an incredibly capable editor and I trust him infinitely. Also pee pee poo poo).

To Reece Hollowell: I leave you the Entertainment Section. Please take care of her, we’ve worked hard to make her what she is. Also, I leave you the power to continue creating beautiful, immaculate, incredible graphics. (Also, pee pee poo poo). 

To Luke Macy: I leave you nothing. (I am kidding, I leave you my incredible sense of humor and the power to bully Sean. Also, pee pee poo poo). 

Photo by Reece Hollowell | The Miami Student

Senior Staff Writer Meta Hoge is known to "hang" around the newsroom in her free time.

Meta Hoge, Senior Staff Writer

To Kasey Turman: I leave the ASG beat. Thanks <3

To Sean Scott: I leave a pack of Mountain Dew. I know you don’t like it, but I think you’ll need the caffeine for being EIC. I also leave the ASG beat to keep re-assigning.

To Reece Hollowell: I leave the ability to find someone else to brutally insult. Sincerely, Meerkat-Looking Ass

To Reagan Rude: I leave a singular ping-pong ball. I hope you continue to slay at pong. You missed 100% of the shots you didn’t take and 100% of shots you did take.

Michael Vestey takes a well-needed nap with his comfort issue (the one with his first ever story on the front).

Michael Vestey, Senior Staff Writer

To Jack Schmelzinger: I leave my assumed duty to pitch and write about the least-Miami-related column ideas possible while still making them relevant enough to publish.

To Reece Hollowell: I leave my few Scrabble and Secret Hitler qualities so you can keep dominating game nights for the times to come (as well as my remaining chaotic energy to truly raise more hell).

To everyone and anyone: I leave my (attempted, at least) good and wholesome vibes to help drown out the pains you’ll take on from fighting admin and your evil boss editors.

Photo by Sean Scott | The Miami Student

Audio Editor Sarah Grace Hays with her first story in the print edition of The Miami Student.

Sarah Grace Hays, Audio Editor

To Reece Hollowell: I leave the Audio Section. One day, you will have the support of a full staff. I’m sure of it.