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Student testimonials from J-Term

Have you ever thought about studying abroad during J-Term? You probably have because everyone who ever studies abroad in J-term posts multiple pictures of whatever European country they are visiting and they are incredibly keen on telling you about it. If you haven’t thought about it, read some of these testimonials and you’ll be abroad next January too.

Waltun Martin, junior Art major, studied in Florence, Italy

“I signed up for this study abroad experience purely out of a desire to see the many sculptures and art museums scattered throughout Florence. Prior to my trip, I had never seen what a naked human looked like. But thanks to the countless nude sculptures in every art museum, I have an entire collection of polaroids I can show Mom and Dad when I get home. I can’t wait to show Mom and Dad how big the sculptures were. My biggest takeaway from this trip is that size doesn’t matter! Art is beautiful regardless of size!”

Jadarrison Quamar, Linguistics major, studied in the Land Down Under

“G’Day mates! Let’s get anotha shrimp on the barbie! Believe it or not, Australia is just like you would imagine. Kangaroos everywhere and Outback Steakhouses on every corner. The more inland you get the more friendly the Kangaroos are. I had a nice conversation with a Kangaroo at an Outback Steakhouse before we were interrupted by a stingray that claimed to have killed Steve Irwin. Some of the coastal Kangaroos were taking tourists hostage, so we spent most of our time studying the Australian dialect inland. Best trip ever!”

Lizzariz Golderspin, Economics major, studied in Luxembourg

“I loved the proximity Luxembourg had to all the other countries. One day I could be running from soldiers at Buckingham palace and the next I could be in Switzerland trying to trade pictures from my OnlyFans in exchange for chocolate. The best part of the trip was easily smuggling my LuxemBORG, to every country we went too. I only encountered one issue, remembering the trip. I made it through half of most days before passing out drunk in whatever castle I visited. Oh well, I had fun!”

Vincent VanBlip, Mechanical Engineering major, studied in Germany, forgot English

“Die besten Autos kommen aus Deutschland! Früher dachte ich, dass die Amerikaner die besten Autos bauen. Aber das Studium bei einem deutschen Automechaniker hat mich vom Gegenteil überzeugt. Jetzt kenne ich die Überlegenheit von Volkswagen und die deutsche Sprache. Ich habe vergessen, wie man Englisch spricht.”

Ginga Brud, Zoology major, studied in Kenya

“I never imagined how close I would get to all kinds of wild animals this trip. I went on a few safari trips but my teacher and I spent most of the time following and acclimating to life living with Aardvarks! It is truly unbelievable how I can receive academic credit for such a cool trip. I only wish my teacher would not have been mauled by the Aardvarks on the last day, otherwise the trip would have been a 114 out of 12 not a 110 out of 354. I encourage anyone interested to study abroad during J-Term.”

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