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Miami’s emergency shooter procedures

This story contains mentions of gun violence.

On Monday Feb. 13, a gunman opened fire at Michigan State University, killing three students and critically injuring five others. The tragic incident has reopened conversations on campuses across the nation about what to do in the event of an active shooter threat.

Miami University provides a guideline for students to follow if they find themselves in this situation. According to the procedures, active shooter situations vary and “evolve rapidly,” so different circumstances and instructions are listed.

If the shooter is outside the building, Miami’s guidelines recommend going to a room that can be locked, turning off all lights and getting down on the floor. Then, call 911, tell the dispatcher your location and stay where you are until an “all clear” is given. Do not come out until you are certain the command is given from a police officer, as a shooter may attempt to locate victims by calling out.

If the shooter enters your office or classroom, remain calm, call 911 and try to help police locate the shooter. Leave the line open if you can’t speak and do not try to physically overpower the shooter unless absolutely necessary.

If the shooter is inside the building you are in, close and lock all doors and windows, turn off the lights and hide. If the door cannot be locked, try to find another safe location or leave the building.

If forced to leave, make sure to have a plan and route. Do not bring anything, including jackets and coats. It’s critical that the police see that you do not have any weapons, so keep your hands visible and follow instructions from police. Do not drive off campus until police confirm that it is safe.

Because the area is a crime scene, officers will likely not let anyone leave until the situation is under control and all witnesses have been identified. Remain wherever authorities direct you to until you are released.

Information about Miami’s other emergency procedures can be found here.

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