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Due to the popularization of the term, “Let’s Go Brandon,” Brandon’s worldwide have been feeling the impact of this phrase. 

Have you spoken to Brandon recently? 

If not, no need to fear. The Miami Student reporting team recently spoke to a few Brandons who had various feelings on the rise of “Let's Go Brandon.” Here are a few of their interviews. 

First, our reporters spoke to Brandon James, a tenth-year senior here at Miami University. 

Reporter: Thank you for meeting with us, Brandon.

Brandon: No worries. LET’S GO BRANDON!

Reporter: Thank you, Brandon. How do you feel about the use of the term, “Let’s Go Brandon”?

Brandon: I love it baby, absolutely love it. Trump 2024. Reminds me of my glory days playin’ ball back in high school. I was the starting quarterback all four years of high school and every time I’d score, the crowd would chant, “Let’s Go Brandon.” 

Reporter: Most impressive. How was your playing career for your school? Successful?

Brandon: Yes we were incredibly successful. I was basically Joe Burrow because my offensive line could not block and I carried the team. Unfortunately, I got hurt in the last game of my senior season. If I didn’t get hurt, I prolly woulda gone pro. *Glances at non-existent bicep muscle.* 

Reporter: Alrighty then. Do you have anything else you would like to say about the popularization of the term, “Lets Go Brandon!”?

Brandon: Yes, lots of things actually. First of all, the January Capitol Riots *air quotes for emphasis* were just peaceful protests. Second of all, Trump 2024 and Trump foreva. Fourth of All, Let’s Go Brandon. 

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Reporter: Thank you, Brandon. Do you know Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite? 

Brandon: Isn’t that that one short French Guy?

Reporter: Thank you Brandon. Have a nice day. 

The next Brandon reporters spoke to proved to be a little more elusive to find. He goes by Brandon of the Southern Isle and lives as a recluse wandering Miami’s campus. Reports say he believes he lives in Middle Earth and tries to use “The Force” on a daily basis. 

After spending 3 hours wandering campus, our team found Brandon of the Southern Isle and began to ask him some questions. 

Reporter: Hello Brandon, Could I ask you a few questions?

Brandon: *swings nerf sword at reporter*

Reporter: Brandon, I just want to ask a few questions.

Brandon: *tries to use the force to choke reporter*

Reporter: Brandon, please.

Brandon: If you insist, peasant. 

Reporter: What do you think about the use of the term, “Let’s Go Brandon?”

Brandon: I know not what you mean.

Reporter: Have you not heard people saying, “Let’s Go Brandon” to insult our President?

Brandon: No. What is this President you speak of? 

Reporter: Uhhhhh, he is the leader of our country.

Brandon: Nonsense. Danaerys Targayren is the only leader of the Earthen Realm. 

Reporter: She’s not real. 

Brandon: Thou art not real!

Reporter: Brandon…

Brandon: Do not take me for some conjurer of cheap tricks you fool! Now be gone!

Unfortunately, our reporter did not get much out of Brandon of the Southern Isle so our team tried one more Brandon, found wandering the halls of Armstrong Student Center.

Reporter: Hey Brandon, Thanks for agreeing to an interview with us. Tell me, what do you think about the use of “Let’s Go Brandon?”

Brandon: Hate it.

Reporter: Why?

Brandon: Because. 

Reporter: Tell me more. 

Brandon: No. 

Reporter: I’m trying to raise Brandon Awareness. 

Brandon: In that case…

Reporter: Go on. 

Brandon: Everytime I am at a sporting event I hear Let’s Go Brandon and just hearing people say my name sets my teeth on edge. It's like I can’t escape it. I stopped hearing the “Let's Go” months ago and now all I hear is “BRANDON.” Please, you must help me. I am trapped inside Brandon. 

Reporter: *visible confusion*

Brandon: *grabs reporter by shirt collar and whispers* Please, help me with the voices. They won’t go away.

Reporter: I’d recommend you take up your issue on YikYak. *runs away as fast as possible*

After reading this article, I hope you understand how Brandons worldwide feel about the “Let’s Go Brandon” movement.