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First time moving into college? Here are some dos and don’ts

<p>Moving in can be stressful. Follow these tips to make the day go smoothly.</p><p><br/><br/><br/></p>

Moving in can be stressful. Follow these tips to make the day go smoothly.

The start of your first year in college is an exciting time of new experiences, friends and living away from home, but with that comes the stress of move-in. 

Here are some great ways to make move-in the least of your worries! 

Red bins

If you’re living in a residence hall, find the large, red, rolling bins. The bins are provided by Miami to help with the process as you move things from your car to your room. They save trips in the elevator and make the process seamless.

Compact bags

Buy zip-up Ikea bags for packing clothes, sheets and any soft items. It’s much easier to move in and out when everything is compact.

Cleaning supplies

You might think you won’t need paper towels and cleaning supplies, but they are the best thing for a new room. I recommend bringing a bottle of Clorox wipes, bounty paper towels (of whatever discount brand you prefer), Mrs. Meyer’s all-purpose cleaning spray, and a small dustpan.

Door stoppers

A door stopper will help you keep the door open while you move in any necessities. It’s also great for keeping your door open during the year and chatting with your new neighbors!

Make plans

Coordinate with your roommate(s) when you plan to move in. While you may be excited to meet a new friend, keep in mind moving in at the exact same time can be difficult and a little frustrating. It seems simple, but a few texts can make all the difference. 

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Check your parking

Make sure you don’t park in an illegal space. There are places on campus that are restricted to those with certain parking passes and some spots in Oxford where you have to pay for parking at a pay station.

Move-in is stressful enough without getting charged for parking. For further guidance, check out the Miami parking website.


Take in the biggest items first. You won’t get as worn out near the end. Even with the red bins to help you, you’ll probably still end up taking a lot of trips to and from the car.

Strategize some more

If you bring a carpet, bring that in last. You won’t want to clean it after such a long day. 

Don’t procrastinate

Take everything in and organize it as soon as possible, even if you have a car on campus. Classes will start soon enough, and no one wants to worry about odds and ends during syllabus week.