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New information revealed on Brad Aldrich’s actions at Miami

<p>The Goggin Ice Center is home to many recreational opportunities</p>

The Goggin Ice Center is home to many recreational opportunities

Content Warning: The following article contains references to sexual and interpersonal violence

Canadian sports channel TSN published an interview Feb. 3 with a former Miami student who accused former Director of Hockey Operations Brad Aldrich of raping him in the fall of 2012.

Aldrich came under fire last year when an anonymous former Chicago Blackhawks player (who has since been identified as Kyle Beach) came forward to say that Aldrich had sexually assaulted him during his time as a video coach for the team.

The former student (referred to as ‘John Doe 3’ in TSN’s article) said Aldrich had confided in him that the Blackhawks had helped Aldrich secure a job at Miami. Aldrich left the Blackhawks amid claims of sexual misconduct against him. The team acknowledged the claims internally but never reported them to police. 

The former student said the rape occured one night when he slept over at Aldrich’s apartment after the two went out drinking. 

The man said Aldrich often bragged about his ties to NHL stars like Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews. The former student said that night Aldrich showed him his Olympic silver medal and let him try on his Blackhawks Stanley Cup ring.

After a few more beers, the man went to sleep on Aldrich’s couch and said he woke up in the middle of the night to Aldrich performing oral sex on him.

The incident occured in October 2012, and Aldrich resigned from Miami Nov. 27, 2012. 

The man said he contacted the Miami University Police Department to report the assault, but the school said it didn’t have jurisdiction. In 2018, he reached out to the Oxford Police Department. 

The man said an officer told him he shouldn’t bother making a report because the statute of limitations had expired and Aldrich couldn’t be charged. (In Ohio, the statute of limitations for rape is 25 years.)

A spokesperson for Oxford Police said “The Oxford Police Department did receive information from Miami University Police Department in 2018. Our investigator reached out to the complainant but no report was requested.”

The former student is now in his 30s and works in the hockey industry. He said that he hasn’t been in a relationship since the incident and struggled with alcohol abuse. 

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