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Let’s get ready to rumble: Student Body President campaigns begin

Editor's Note: This story has been updated to include the new date and location of the debate hosted by ASG, as well as a statement from Danielle Stein.

Three pairs of candidates announced they are running for Student Body President (SBP) and Vice President on Friday, Feb. 25. The candidates hope to address issues including equality on campus, representation and student government.

Amitoj Kaur, a political science and interactive media studies double major, announced she would be running for SBP with Khenadi Grubb, a political science major, as her vice president. 

“We hope to serve Miami with Love if elected, and create a more collaborative and responsible student government,” Kaur wrote in an email to The Miami Student.

The pair said their campaign is focused on “Leading with Love.”

“These include menstrual product placement for free across campus,” Kaur wrote, “advocating for a 15 dollar minimum wage for on-campus student employees and creating a new group of student employees that can educate and support our student body to enhance the multicultural experience.”

Kaur’s campaign can be found on Instagram

Austin Tyree, a political science major, is running with Dan Pollock, also a political science major, as his vice president. 

Their campaign asks Miami University to “rise and shine.”

“Our campaign focuses on equity, empowerment and renewal as we move into a post-pandemic age,” Tyree wrote in an email to The Student. 

Tyree wrote they will seek affordable mental health care and off-campus housing for students, advocate for the hiring of more Black and queer faculty and create a textbook loan system for first-generation and low-income students.

“Additionally, we will do everything we can to ‘bridge this gap’ between student organizations and the Associated Student Government since we are here for them,” Tyree wrote. “All students should know that the purpose of this campaign is to address the needs of the student body.”

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Tyree’s campaign can be found on Instagram

Danielle Stein, a strategic communications major, is running for SBP with Adam Weiss, a political science major, as her vice president. 

“We hope to focus on bettering the student quality of life, safety, infrastructure & sustainability, and diversity, equity & inclusion during our time serving the student body,” Stein wrote in an email to The Student.

Stein wrote she hopes to spend her term focusing on leadership, and compassion for the experiences of all Miami students.

Stein’s campaign can be found on Instagram.

All three candidates will have a chance to speak on their platforms at 7 p.m. on Thursday, March 10 when Associated Student Government (ASG) hosts its debate in the Shriver Center's Heritage Room. The election will take place starting at 7 a.m. on March 15 until 7 p.m. on March 16 on Miami's Hub