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Miami to cancel 8 students’ registration


UPDATE: This story has been updated to reflect the most recent student vaccination exemption statistics.

Miami University will cancel the face-to-face registration of 8 students who failed to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination or receive an exemption by Oct. 25

Jessica Rivinius, director of news and media relations, wrote in an email to The Miami Student these students can still enroll in online-only classes, rather than withdraw from the university completely. These students are currently enrolled in both regional and Oxford campuses, with 47 at the Oxford campus and 11 at the regional campuses.

As of Dec. 1, Rivinius reported 92% of students and 86% of employees have received a COVID-19 vaccine, and 8% of students and 9% of employees have received exemptions on Oxford’s campus. 

At Miami’s regional campuses, 78% of students and 85% of employees have received a COVID-19 vaccine; 21% of regional students and 10% of regional employees have received exemptions. 

In total, Miami reported 1,780 exemptions for students on both the Oxford and regional campuses. About 94% of the exemptions are non-medical.

Rivinius wrote employees were required to provide proof of vaccination or apply for an exemption to receive a $500 gratitude payment and two days of bonus leave to use in lieu of vacation over winter break. 

Miami reports 209 faculty and staff at both the Oxford and regional campuses are still non-compliant as of Dec. 1. 

“The university will require non-compliant employees to complete an educational program,” Rivinius wrote. “Following that, we will look at each individual circumstance to determine appropriate sanctions if the employee continues to disregard university policy.”


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