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Just your run-of-the-mill headlines at Miami

Miami man catcalls woman, she responds gratefully, “I finally feel seen.”

Miami College Republicans say Oxford mask mandate is due to hatred of freedom, small business and Miami students, not science (Oh wait,this is real)

12-year-old binge drinking prodigy given offers to Miami, Dayton and Ohio University

Fraternity bakesale raises $15,000 for pledge they put in a coma

Nicki Minaj enlists 50,000 fans in double blind study for her own vaccine research

Woman puts off going to doctor until it is bad enough for him to believe her

Recently dumped man announces it “might take a day or two to recover”

RA fired after forcing residents to listen to his improv jokes all night before their first chem exam

“Sexism strikes again!” shouts woman who lost her job due to prolific drug use

First-year presses “snooze” one too many times, pummeled by generally calm roommate

Woman sings “Somebody to Love” at Brick on a Monday, finds no one to love

More successful marriages come from hookups at New than relationships on “The Bachelor”, study finds

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Man panics about upcoming Halloween costume: Should he be Jesus or a lumberjack?