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Suspect in Oxford shooting pleads guilty

Benjamin Hizer, an 18-year-old Oxford resident accused of shooting a minor during a drug deal, pled guilty to felonious assault in relation to the incident. 

According to a press release, Hizer and the 17-year-old he shot were meeting a third male at  Oxford Wash to exchange drugs on Oct. 6. 

While trying to rob the third male, Hizer shot the 17-year-old — whose name hasn’t been released — in the abdomen. 

Hizer was originally charged with aggravated robbery, a first degree felony, and felonious assault, a second degree and lesser felony. 

Hizer pled guilty to felonious assault, and the other charge was dropped. The minimum sentence the judge can give Hizer is two years, and the maximum is eight years. However, due to new indefinite sentencing guidelines, Hizer could serve up to 12 years in prison, said prosecutor Dan Phillips. 

This is because the prison can give Hizer time and a half. So, if he is sentenced to two years, the prison can give him one year, totaling three. If Hizer is sentenced to eight years, the prison can give him an additional four years, which would be twelve total years. 

Hizer also faces a $15,000 fine. As part of his plea deal, a gun specification was dropped, which means he will not serve more time for committing a crime involving a gun. 

“We acknowledge that he accidentally shot his friend, but it was by accident,” said David Washington Jr., Hizer’s attorney. “He never intended to harm his friend.” 

Hizer’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for 9 a.m. on March 12 at the Butler County Commons Pleas Court in Hamilton. 


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