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One slate running for student body president, deadline postponed

Only one ticket filed to run for Miami University’s student body president/vice president by Friday's noon deadline, said Sarah Siegel, speaker of senate for Miami's Associated Student Government (ASG). 

In order to enter the presidential race, candidates must each collect a petition of 150 signatures (300 signatures per ticket). Only Jannie Kamara (P), a junior black world studies and individualized studies major, and Jessica von Zastrow (VP), a junior business economics and political science major, completed this requirement. 

Per ASG bylaws, the deadline was extended by 72 hours because only one slate filed to run. The new filing deadline is noon on Monday, Feb. 24. If one or more tickets complete the petition, the election process will proceed as planned. If no new candidates complete the form, Kamara and von Zastrow will be appointed as president and vice president. 

The petition to run was promoted in the same way as it was in years past, Siegel said. A mass email was sent via the Hub after the original deadline passed, informing students of the extension. 

Siegel said this is not the first time that an extension has been issued, but she wasn’t sure how long it’s been since the last time it happened. “It’s not ideal,” she said. 

Kamara declined to comment on the apparent lack of opposition until after the initial candidate meeting on Monday.