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City Council says goodbye to Mayor Kate Rousmaniere and Vice Mayor Steve Dana

<p>Nov. 19 was Mayor Kate Rousmaniere and Vice Mayor Steve Dana&#x27;s last city council meeting. </p>

Nov. 19 was Mayor Kate Rousmaniere and Vice Mayor Steve Dana's last city council meeting.

Oxford City Council said goodbye to Mayor Kate Rousmaniere and Vice Mayor Steve Dana at last week’s meeting. The two served on council together for eight years and, at the pair’s last council meeting, they received high praise from citizens, councilors and city staff alike.

“Steve … your voice is distinct, as it was tonight, and you have served us ably and with great determination,” said Oxford resident Jim Robinson during the public comments section of last Tuesday’s meeting. “Kate, the term ‘Mayor Kate’ is not an abbreviation of your position and your name — it’s a term of endearment.” 

At the meeting’s close, councilors and city staff gave Rousmaniere and Dana praise for their hard work over the last eight years.

“I am new, but I’ve been to many council meetings over the years, and it is evident to me, Mayor Kate and Steve, the passion which you took to this job [and] the integrity and the commitment you made to it,” said Oxford’s Law Director, Christopher Conard. “The community was well served by your presence on council.”

“It has been my pleasure to serve with you two these past years and just to remind everyone of the hours, and days and years you put into this position that often go unthanked, and I thank you,” said Councilor Mike Smith. 

As mayor, Rousmaniere always closed City Council meetings with her comments, but last Tuesday, her comments ended with a standing ovation from all in attendance. 

“I thank you all for all the great work — staff and council — for working together,” she said. “I’ve really enjoyed it, and new council members, you’ll really enjoy it as well.”

Jason Bracken, Glenn Ellerbe and Bill Snavely will be sworn in as city councilors on Tuesday, Nov. 25. The new council will then go into executive session to determine who will be Oxford’s next mayor. 


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