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Bracken, Ellerbe and Snavely take open City Council seats

Jason Bracken, Glenn Ellerbe and Bill Snavely won the Oxford City Council election with 22.5 percent, 21 percent and 28.5 percent of the vote, respectively.

The three men were endorsed by the Butler County Progressive Political Action Committee and by the editorial staff of The Miami Student.  

Bracken is a biologist and doctoral candidate at Miami University. He ran on a progressive platform and said he values placing Oxford’s most vulnerable citizens first. The three main points of Bracken’s platform were addressing homelessness, working on sustainability and creating affordable housing.

Ellerbe is a self-described “realist and centrist” who will serve his second term on Council. He said that when he makes decisions, his focus is on whether or not the decision will move Oxford forward, as well as on who on city staff will be doing the legwork.

Snavely is currently the chair of the Oxford Planning Commission and served 12 years on Council starting in the 1980s. He was mayor for six of those years. Snavely’s five main platform points were climate action, affordable housing, sensible housing, transportation reform and fiscal responsibility.

The new candidates will begin their terms at the Dec. 3 City Council meeting.


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