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Butler County Progressive PAC endorses three City Council candidates 

The Butler County Progressive Political Action Committee (PAC) endorsed City Council candidates Jason Bracken, Glenn Ellerbe and Bill Snavely at the group's meeting Tuesday, Sept. 10.

Bracken is making his first bid for council, Ellerbe is a current councilor running for re-election and Snavely served on council in the past and chairs the planning commission, which assesses all potential construction projects in Oxford and recommends their approval or denial to City Council.

The candidates each gave a short speech about their respective platforms and goals if elected to council.

"I think I represent progressive values," Bracken said. "To me, that means empathy, compassion and representation of underrepresented groups."

"As a part of council, what I try to do on every decision that gets made is a) think 'Is this moving the city of Oxford forward?''' Ellerbe said. "And b) 'Is this something that is healthy, progressive and respectful of everybody's values?'"

Snavely was unable to speak at the PAC meeting because he was attending a planning commission work session, but his wife, Kay, spoke on his behalf.

"He has expressed a great deal of interest in some modern issues," Kay said. "One is the climate change initiative - that is the mayor's covenant - that was just passed … in addition to that, he wants to help fight for affordable housing, something that's an ongoing problem we have."

The Progressive PAC also endorsed three of the four candidates running for seats on the Talawanda Board of Education: Kathleen Knight Abowitz, Becky Howard and Chris Otto, one unopposed candidate for Oxford Township Trustee: Kate Rousmaniere, and one unopposed candidate Oxford Township Fiscal Officer: Shaunna Tafelsi.

This story is the first in a series of The Miami Student's City Council election coverage. The Student will publish profiles of each City Council candidate, as well as hold a debate among the candidates in late October.


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