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A 'Lone Wolf' preying on success

Most days, you'll catch Benjamin Phillips III wearing a tailored dark-colored suit with his briefcase in hand as if he were on his way to an important meeting.

Many times he is.

If he's not in class, he's involved with student organizations like the Multicultural Business Association (MSB) and the Governmental Relations Network, speaking with kids at schools in the surrounding area or working as an intern at a consulting firm.

As a finance major, the Farmer School of Business (FSB) is his home. There, he learns the ins and outs of the business world and utilizes the skills he has learned to secure prestigious internships.

He has already interned with Ernst & Young at their Cincinnati location and J.C. Baker & Associates. Obtaining such a prestigious internship as a college freshman or sophomore is a goal that not many young people are able to achieve.

As treasurer of MSB, he enjoys being able to teach students basic business etiquette as they enter college.

"I think that's where I really flourish: in teaching those students how to craft their resume, how to public speak and dress accordingly," Phillips said.

Phillips, at only 20 years-old, has obtained success in many aspects in his life. He is now adding another victory to his list as he becomes an author of his own book: "Lone Wolf Mentality: A Millennial Mindset."

The book is centered on the transition from high school to college life and provides tips geared around the fundamental concepts of money and advice on how to be successful in this current generation.

"The Lone Wolf method is originally from my father. It's kinda about not running with the pack," Phillips told Julian Huff on Miami Television News on May 2. "I talk about being a businessman. Business is dog eat dog all the time. It's a very cut throat industry. So be a lone wolf and watch your own back."

Phillips wrote the book over J-term while he was interning at J.C Bakers and Associates. Everyday after he got off work, he would write his book from 8:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. After finishing his draft, he sent copies out to publishers, hoping for positive feedback.

Being aware of how much publishing could cost, he was nervous about the result.

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The copy made its way to the desk of David Braughler, President of Braughler Books LLC. After reading the draft, he told Phillips he wanted to "take a chance" on him and covered the cost of publishing.

"It was such a blessing," Phillips said.

The book was published on April 10 and was released for purchase on April 30.

Phillips has enjoyed the process of writing the book and feels it has benefited him for the better.

"This was a very therapeutic process," Phillips said "because whether or not your book gets published, or is at the degree of commercialization, I think everyone should write a book. Because people go through so much and have so much in their heads; just write them down."

As a new author, Phillips is already looking toward the next step in his life.

"A problem that I have is that I can never be content," Phillips said. "I could have stopped when I got to college. I got here on a pretty nice scholarship, and I could've just been cool with that, but then I wanted an internship freshman year. When I got that, people say the same thing now, 'You're a freshman; you have a big-time internship. You're doing all the right things.' Yeah, but what's the next thing?"

As he continues throughout life, he hopes to build a foundation for his future and those who will eventually come after him.

"What's the next thing I can do to shape the Phillips empire? Because that's what I'm doing it for. I'm doing it for my last name, for my grandchildren," Phillips said.

Lone Wolf Mentality: A Millennial Mindset is currently available for purchase online on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for $15.