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Your Status: The Focus Group

What was your last date like? Who do you talk to about relationships? Are you looking for a relationship? What frustrates you about dating in college?

These were some of the questions TMS editors Ceili Doyle and Emily Williams asked 8 Miami University fraternity members on a Thursday evening this semester. Over about an hour of discussion, they defined what "hooking up" means to them, discussed what's going on in their minds when they're Uptown and posed some interesting questions of their own.

This two-part podcast is part of The Miami Student's ongoing reporting project on relationships. To read more, click here.

This podcast was produced by Ceili Doyle and Emily Williams with narration by Emily Williams and original music by Sanchit Ram Arvind. The accompanying illustration is by Connor Wells.

Part One: Bamboozled

We started the conversation with a simple question: When and where was your last date? From there were started our conversation about dating in college. The guys discussed the difference between meeting girls at Brick v. CJ's, the significance of Bumble matches and complicated limbo between exclusively hooking up and being in a relationship.

Part Two: One-and-a-Half Angles

For part two, we pick up with a challenge: Define a "hookup." The guys reach a consensus on the question, and we wrap up our conversation by discussing how they communicate in relationships, what frustrates them about dating in college and what it means when girls post photos with them on social media.

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