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Big C's talk trash while baseballs fly

Cleveland, Chicago students clash over penant droughts

By Ben Blanchard, Sports Editor

When touring Miami University's campus, prospective students are told of the four Big C's, cities that begin with C that send a high number of students to Miami. These cities, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus and Chicago account for a large percentage of Miami's students.

Wednesday night at Brick Street bar, two of the Big C's, Chicago and Cleveland, battled on the big screen in Game 2 of the World Series. Cubs and Indians attire was widespread across the bar and campus, with both the Chicago and Cleveland "C" seen on countless baseball caps.

A title has been a distant memory for generations on both sides, as the franchises combine for 176 seasons without a pennant victory.

For the Cubs, in their first World Series in 71 years and hoping for their first title since 1908, a series victory would mean the end of the "Curse of the Billy Goat" that has haunted Cubs fans for lifetimes.

"Chicago fans have been waiting literally 100 years," sophomore and Chicagoland resident Will Malpede said. "The Indians don't stand a chance."

Following the Cubs' 5-1 victory Wednesday night, the series is tied 1-1 heading back to Chicago.

"Definitely wish we could've won both at home," sophomore and Cleveland resident Grant Passel said. "But I'm still confident. First the Cavs and now the Tribe, Believeland is going crazy and the Cubs have no chance of beating us."

For Clevelanders, an Indians championship would continue an incredible year for the city. LeBron James led the Cavaliers to an NBA Championship over the Golden State Warriors and a 3-1 Finals deficit, ending the city's championship drought across the NFL, NBA and MLB that began in 1964.

However, some feel that Cleveland is forgetting its long standing status as a downtrodden, cursed city.

"If Cleveland wins another championship this year, the city will completely lose its identity," sophomore and Chicagoland resident Dylan Flanagan said. "I think the entire state of Ohio would implode if Cleveland suddenly becomes the city of champions."

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"Cubs fans, along with Blackhawks fans, are all bandwagon fans," Passel responded. "Cleveland sticks with its teams through thick and thin, we deserve it so much more."

However, after the Cubs 5-1 win and the Indians' 6-0 victory, both sides can agree on one thing.

"It sucks that neither game was close," Malpede said. "While I'll obviously take it if we're the one on top, I hope the next few games are closer and more fun to watch."

"Definitely agree with that," Passel said. "Nobody wants to watch a blowout."

The World Series continues tonight at 8:08 p.m. with Game 3 at Wrigley Field in Chicago. The game will be broadcast live on Fox.