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While you were gone: Happenings in the world of sports

By Jack Reyering, For The Miami Student

Hirings and firings in professional sports: As happens every year at the end of the NFL regular season, some coaches lose their jobs and former assistants take over the helm. Not surprisingly, Mike Pettine lost his job in Cleveland. But somewhat surprisingly, Cincinnati offensive cooordinator Hue Jackson took the job almost immediately. Jackson was in line for and had interview with other teams but decided to take the Cleveland job. Although none of us know how this will pan out for both Jackson and the Browns, I happen to think this is a pretty good place for him if the Browns are willing to give him the time he needs to build a program.Jackson worked magic with an fairly average quarterback in Andy Dalton in Cincinnati and if they can get a decent quarterback who is willing to be coached up, Cleveland could have found the answer to their coaching prayers.

Staying in Cleveland, the Cavaliers have also fired their coach.

David Blatt, who led the Cavs to the NBA Finals last year and who held the best record in the Eastern Conference, was ousted and replaced by Tyronne Lue. This move left me scratching my head. Yes, coaching is about more than just wins and losses, but it's a pretty fair measuring stick when considering whether or not said coach should keep his job. None of us have been in the huddle with Blatt and so we don't know the relationships that he had with his team. But the guy is an experienced winner which is exactly what you need when you face the ultimate winners like the Spurs or the Warriors in June.

Parity in college basketball: It has been a season of ups and downs in college basketball. There have been five different teams ranked number one so far this season. Oklahoma University currently sits atop the AP poll. Duke sits at No. 24 after dropping three straight games. for the first time since 1968-69 season.

All of the stories surrounding college basketball claim that there is no great team this year. That's just not true. Yes, Kentucky was clearly the best team last year and they were great. But the greatness label in a college basketball program shouldn't just be reserved for teams that (almost) go undefeated. There are plenty of teams that are great this year. All of them have lost, but they are still great teams.

So believe it when the media tells you there is not one great team in college basketball this year, because they are right. There are actually several. It just makes the action all the more exciting.