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Trick or Treat: Miami athletes’ Halloween favorites

In the spirit of Halloween, The Miami Student caught up with several RedHawk captains to discuss their favorite Halloween memories.


Hockey: Forward Sean Kuraly

Football: Defensive back Brison Burris, offensive lineman Trevan Brown, offensive lineman Brandyn Cook, defensive lineman JT Jones

Volleyball: Outside hitter Maris Below, middle hitter Paige Hill, setter Krista Brakauska

Soccer: Forward Haley Walter

Cross Country: Joe Stewart, Laura Bess, Brenna Poulsen

What is your favorite all-time Halloween costume?

Kuraly: I was Mats Sundin with a black eye almost every year (famous hockey player for the Toronto Maple Leafs). But looking back, my favorite picture is of me in a Winnie the Pooh costume.

Burris: Favorite costume will have to go to the red power ranger.

Brown: Gorilla biker - leather jacket, bandana, shades and fingerless gloves.

Cook: Ninja.

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Jones: Ghost face from the movie Scream.

Below: My favorite costume growing up has to be when I dressed up as a baby.

Hill: My friends and I went as sumo wrestlers one year. The costumes blew up, so we were actually the size of a sumo wrestler.

Brakauska: My favorite costume had to be the pink power ranger costume. I wore it about every day the week before Halloween.

Walter: It's hard to pick a favorite costume, but one of my most memorable was being the Rugrats with a group of my friends. I looked ridiculous dressed as Tommy, but it was a fun group.

Stewart: Probably the dude from Scream. It was super easy to do and most people recognize it.

Bess: My favorite costume was probably when I was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, mostly because all my classmates were also dressed as Dorothy. Plus, I got a pair of sweet shoes out of it.

Poulsen: Black cat.

What is your favorite thing about Halloween?

Kuraly: I am not a huge fan of Halloween. I dressed up as a hockey player almost every year (Mats Sundin). Looking back, I realize I did this so I could wear my roller blades and get around the neighborhood as fast as I could and collect as much candy that I would not even eat all of. I do not like being scared.

Burris: To see how creative people get with costumes.

Brown: Free candy! Also, going around the neighborhood and having a good time with my brothers when we were little.

Cook: Candy.

Jones: I love candy.

Below: Seeing everyone's creative costumes. I love what some people come up with. I would also have to say the candy is pretty high on the list of favorite things.

Hill: Candy, because it's my favorite food.

Brakauska: The scary movies and haunted houses because I love the thrill.

Walter: Growing up, my favorite part was first, choosing and creating a costume, and then of course, the candy. We made it our mission to get to every house in the neighborhood, sprinting to get as much candy as possible and then sorting and trading it once time was up. Now, I like all the festivities that surround Halloween with carving pumpkins, haunted houses and trails and seeing all the different costumes people come up with.

Stewart: Probably a mix between the time of year and the celebration itself. Halloween is always the end of the cross country season, and I get to relax by watching scary movies and eating candy.

Bess: My favorite thing about Halloween was seeing all the other costumes and knowing that I could never be creative enough, so that's why I became a bioengineer. Jk. Um... Class parties were always awesome because we got to end class early and eat lots of food.

Poulsen: Seeing all of the different costumes and the candy.