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The one thing that is helping to hold back Miami football

Photo by Lauren Olson
Photo by Lauren Olson

What's Going Downey

Photo by Lauren Olson, Photography Editor

Miami football is plagued by a disease that has infected fans, students and players. That disease is a losing mentality. It is the mentality that losing is acceptable. It is the mentality that the current state of Miami football is acceptable because the RedHawks aren't losing as badly as they did last year. It is the mentality that there is no point in supporting the team because they won't win.

This losing mentality is not just a disease; it's an epidemic at Miami.

The students are infected. It's why the vast majority of them don't go to games. It's why many of the students who are going to the Miami-Michigan game aren't going to cheer for Miami, but to cheer for Michigan. The students don't go to football games because the football team doesn't win. They've been infected by the mentality that there is no point in going because Miami will lose. If Miami is going to lose, the students don't see the point in going or supporting the RedHawks.

Somewhere along the way, the players were infected. The RedHawks lost some games, lost their confidence and resigned themselves to losing. Heck, just ask Chuck Martin if that was the case.

"They are excited about losing by [15]," Martin said of his team after losing 42-27 to Marshall University. "That scares the hell out of me. Our guys are excited. That's mindboggling to me. Why be excited? You lost by [15] at home. Our fans are excited. We're getting cheered off the field. Like, I've been throwing things."

That mindset, that "hey, at least we're better than last year" mentality is not acceptable. The fans and the players, if Martin is to be believed, feel that way. It's not okay to be less bad than last year. No fan in their right mind would accept that mindset from their head coach. After all, you play to win the game.

The old coaching staff seemed to be infected to the point that an amputation was necessary. Perhaps by doing that, the infection would stop or at least slow. But Miami needs more help than that.

The help comes in the form of head coach Chuck Martin. He is the antidote to the disease.

I have no doubts that Martin will cure Miami football. Martin is fiery, passionate, probably a little bit crazy and hates losing. He's everything the current culture around Miami currently lacks.

It's easy to see the passion in Martin. Only a passionate coach gets back-to-back 15-yard penalties in the opening game. Watch one of his press conferences and you can see and hear his fire and intensity.

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Miami will lose a lot of games this season. That's the reality of the situation, but under Martin it won't be an acceptable situation for long. Michigan is probably going to wipe the floor with Miami, but that doesn't make it okay.

Martin knows winning isn't everything, but losing sucks.

Miami football is plagued with a losing mentality, but Chuck Martin can cure the disease.