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Miami Field Hockey Season Preview

Photo by Ben Mikesell
Photo by Ben Mikesell

By Sadie Martinez, For The Miami Student

The Miami University women's field hockey team has several new additions to its reigning Mid-American Conference championship squad this year. Not only do the RedHawks have a new batch of freshman, but they also gained an assistant coach who the team is re-welcoming with open arms.

Sarah Mueller, Miami's goalkeeper last season, has been named an assistant coach.

"She'll have a great impact on the team," senior back Gabby Goldach said. "She was a really good leader on the field. I play defense so I had her behind me talking to me the whole game while she was keeper … She is a great help for the keepers as well as the defensive line. Her voice is going to be very important this year in our success. The young players are still learning our game structure. She'll be able to help a lot with that."

Senior back Ali Forede agreed.

"I think Sarah is 100 percent respectable on and off the field," Froede said. "She is a great role model and great leader … As a player, her leadership was seen on the field. Her leadership has converted over to coaching. She has been a great influence on the staff. She is very organized and respected as a player and a coach."

In addition to Mueller returning as the assistant coach, the team has been working on preparing its freshman, as well as other team members to compete this season. "The recruits are very strong," Froede said. "They mesh really well on and off the field. There are already a couple recruits that have been playing a lot of minutes for us and playing a lot of games."

Goldach said Miami's goal is to still be playing come November, when the MAC Tournament is held.

"Something that's made a big impact is that everyone is on board with our main goal, which is planning to be playing in November," Goldach said. "We all have come in with a set plan that we will be playing then."

The RedHawks are preparing to compete in the MAC Tournament, which takes place on the first week of November.

"Dedication over the summer will pay off this season; people put in more work and they stayed on campus over the summer," Goldach said.

The RedHawks start the season in Columbus, Ohio Sept. 30 against Syracuse University.

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This article was published in the August 26, 2014 edition of The Miami Student under the title "MAC Champions looking for repeat."