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The many covers of Miley Cyrus

I was never Cyrus’s biggest fan. For years, I had lived with the idea that she was a factory-produced popstar not worth my time. I saw the stereotypical Miley fan as a teenage girl and decided I was too good to listen to any of her work. I was wrong.

Kiki not only labors to provide quality cuts, she tries to connect with her customers as well. Photo by David Kwiatkowski.

Kiki the barber: Trimming with confidence

Juiquetta Harmon, aka Kiki the Barber, has been cutting hair ever since her dad suffered a stroke in 1998 and she had to shave his head for him. Up until then, Harmon had been working with troubled teens and for in-home health companies. It was never her intention to cut hair for a living until one of her friends gave Harmon a moment of clarity.  

Photo by Bo Brueck. Taken Fall 2017 at Hispanic Heritage Festival in Uptown Park

Students celebrate Latinx culture during Hispanic Heritage Month

 Last year, students celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month in Oxford Memorial Park with the UniDiversity Festival. Food trucks with options from various Latin American countries lined the streets and live bands performed throughout the day.  This year, they're approaching the celebration a little differently. 

People say that some celebrities' careers will live on forever after they die, but these celebrities don't seem like they will ever meet their maker.

10 celebrities that are immortal

Over the years, I have meticulously observed and analyzed famous individuals and, in turn, have come to the conclusion that some celebrities will simply never die. Some of them are even luckier — they will never age, which means by default they will never die either. 

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