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The purpose of liberal education in a tumultuous world

When I was 18, I sat in a crowded lecture hall at Ohio University, crammed on both sides by people I didn’t know, freaked out about how I was going to keep my head above water. I felt myself begin to panic as I stewed in the warmth of other people when a large man wearing a sweat-stained shirt walked into the room, banged a book onto the lectern and just began lecturing. 


From Luxembourg to the Oxford Farmer’s Market: Miami Merger operates pop-up bakery

Birch Creek Bakery, owned by Sasha Symon, first appeared at Oxford’s Farmers Market on a dark, cold January morning 14 months ago, when only the most intrepid of shoppers and growers were there. Sasha and her husband, Mike Symon, have quickly become fixtures at the market, offering artisan bread and pastries Sasha bakes. I buy one or two loaves and pastries from them every week.


Collecting signatures to end gerrymandering

Good government groups are active in Ohio again, and you might see some of them holding a  Citizens Not Politicians petition. The Citizens Not Politicians initiative is collecting signatures to bring reform to Ohio’s redistricting process.

Members of the community gather to digitize documents and celebrate a shared past.

Miami professor hosts “History Harvest” at Bethel AME Church

On Feb. 24, the Bethel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church was not set up for regular services. The main chapel was organized to conduct interviews and a secondary space with the ability to digitize documents. The individuals inside were not there for church but rather a data collection event. 

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