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Former co-host of the Discovery Channel television series MythBusters Unchained Reaction, Adam Savage, speaks at Wilks Theater

Adam Savage captivates with stories of his winding career

 When Adam Savage walked on stage in the Wilks Theater in Armstrong Student Center at Miami University on Tuesday, the audience would’ve been satisfied if he talked about “Mythbusters” for an hour. Instead, Savage explained his treasure map of a career path while sprinkling in advice for the students in the crowd.

Noreen, the new face of the hockey program, speaks with conviction about his goals for Miami at a press conference

Noreen is ready to bring the Miami hockey program back to life through an emphasis on player development and culture

Anthony Noreen was introduced as the seventh head coach of the Miami University hockey program. In an impassioned speech and throughout extended answers to questions, he spoke with conviction about the return of Miami to the upper echelon of the college hockey landscape through player development, along with an emphasis on culture and discipline.

Senator Matthew Lodge introduces a resolution for ASG to recognize Education and Sharing day on April 19 to honor the work of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

ASG elects more cabinet members and passes three pieces of legislation

Senator Danny Martin ran uncontested and was elected secretary of on-campus affairs at the April 16 Associated Student Government (ASG) meeting. Joining via Zoom, Martin said he wants to follow the example of the current Secretary of On-Campus Affairs Grace Payne. Martin wants to work with Panhellenic more and make the recreation center hours more visible. 

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