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Conan Gray has taken an '80s synth pop route with his new record, “Found Heaven.”

Conan Gray has ‘Found Heaven’ in ’80s synth sounds

Gray cites artists like David Bowie, A-Ha and Cutting Crew as inspiration for the record. As a big fan of ’80s music myself, I was excited to see the direction Gray would take, especially since his sound up until this point has consistently remained mellow, indie pop.

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Students gather on Brick Street Bar's patio to observe the eclipse.

Students revel under the total eclipse at Brick Street

Brick Street, one of Oxford’s Uptown bars, hosted an event to celebrate Monday’s total solar eclipse that spanned from Northern Mexico to Eastern Canada. Oxford laid directly under the eclipse’s path of totality, with the moon fully covering the sun from 3:08 to 3:11 p.m. 


Desire paths are for sheep

You are not a trailblazer for taking desire paths. You are not staging a silent rebellion. Rather, these pathways, more strongly than sidewalks, represent the absence of freedom from industrial control. 

Graduation is memorable time and no one wants logistics to get in the way.

Graduation is a month away: Here’s what seniors need to know

It’s that time of the school year again: Graduation. Time to say goodbye to late-night study sessions, 8 a.m. classes and walking 30 minutes to class. Despite the struggles it took to get here, there were good times too. Like meeting your first friend on campus, playing intramural sports or aceing that test you studied so hard for.  

Oxford offers several sustainable and cheap clothing options.

Second-Hand clothing in Oxford: Exploring Oxford’s thrift stores

For second-hand clothing and fabric options, Oxford prides itself on two locations unique to Oxford, on top of the commonly-found chain Goodwill. Thread Up Oxford and Uptown Threads support local, second-hand sales with good prices for distinctive finds. Although all of these stores fall within a one-mile radius of each other, many students aren’t aware of the options.