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Adele released her highly-anticipated fourth album "30" which critics are calling her best album yet.

“30”: Adulthood on Adele

“30” masterfully balances Adele’s feelings, never lingering too much on melancholy and never over exciting its anthems. The album’s vast range of moods promises an interesting listen on each revisit. 


The history of dress codes, gendered discrimination across centuries

Whether or not dress codes discriminate against women has been a topic of debate for decades. Particularly in schools, there have been many examples of gender bias, such as the infamous “fingertip” policy, a rule at many schools that states all women’s bottoms must extend past the tip of the wearer’s middle finger, according to an article published by NPR.

36% of the eighth grade have tested positive for COVID-19 or are currently quarantining, causing the students to be sent home until Sept. 30 at the earliest.

Talwanda sends students home early after threat

Talawanda High School (THS) went on lockdown Friday because of a potential threat written on a bathroom stall. Students were sent home early as an investigation by multiple police departments found there to be no legitimate threat. 

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