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Nick Schleter

Super Bowl LII -- a glimpse into the future?

On Sunday, the world witnessed a Super Bowl unlike any before it -- one where Philadelphia is left holding the Lombardi Trophy. Featuring a record-blasting offensive explosion and a redemption story for the ages, perhaps most significant was what it means for the future of the NFL and how the game is played and coached at the highest level.

Place your bets on Super Bowl LII

As Miami welcomes the majority of its students back to campus this week, America will be celebrating perhaps her most significant unofficial national holiday: the Super Bowl. The grand spectacle features (usually) great football and (sometimes) the biggest names in entertainment. The commercials alone cause people who never watch football to throw parties, buy cheese trays and invite other people who don't watch football over to watch a football game. Every last dollar is squeezed out of a 60 minute game stretched to last four hours.

Made-Up Mailbag: Week 6

Welcome to the latest installment of the Made-Up Mailbag, and happy Halloween. I wanted to give the mailbag a proper spooky theme this week, but I thought it might be too (candy) corny. While that hasn't stopped me so far with this column, believe me when I say this one would've ended up cornier than Kansas in August. I settled on the admittedly weak compromise of using the word scary a bunch and sprinkling in a few more themed (but still bad) puns.

Made-up Mailbag: Week 5

Welcome to the fifth installment of the Made-Up Mailbag. This week, I get to pitch to myself underhand and take a victory lap because one of my favorite players to draft in fantasy football finally went off.

Made-Up Mailbag: Week 4

Welcome to the fourth installment of the Made-Up Mailbag. I decided to field a couple of more specific questions this week. I got a bit riled up answering them, but rest assured gentle reader, I've excluded the worst of my rantings and ravings below.

Made-up Mailbag: Week 3

Welcome to the third installment of the Made-Up Mailbag. This week we received an avalanche of mail about the NFL's wacky week three, so I decided to give the people want they want and dedicate the column to those questions.

Made-Up Mailbag: Week 2

Welcome to the second ever installment of the Made-Up Mailbag. In case you missed last week's, this is where I take made-up questions and spin them into the real answers you're looking for.

Made-Up Mailbag

Welcome to the first installment of the Made-Up Mailbag. Normally, mailbags are written because they're an easy way to repeatedly cover a topic, and the author can sit back, relax and let the ideas roll in -- all the while bragging about how engaged his or her readers are. With the "Made-Up Mailbag," I brag anyway and save my hardworking readers the trouble of topic generation, so join me each week as I respond to questions of questionable origin.

NFL free agency grades

The free agency period in the NFL kicked off with the start of the league year a couple weeks ago on March 9. It was the usual flurry of activity for the first 48 hours and things have since settled down. While teams continue to make moves, most of the big name signings are over (with a few exceptions).