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Kristin Stratman

IAS production masquerades as real talk show

Miami students may have noticed posters hanging around campus advertising the arrival of "The Latest Show," a talk show stopping in Oxford as part of its College Tour. Those who attended the showings, however, realized that this was not an actual filming of a real talk show, but a play made to appear like one.

Profiles in public transportation: Meeting the drivers of the BCRTA

Because Miami students who live off-campus often face a long walk to their classes, many opt to use the Butler County Regional Transit Authority (BCRTA) university bus service. Although riding the bus may be just another part of the students' groggy morning commute, the buses are operated by dedicated individuals who spend their days making students' lives easier.

Punk rocker Alice Bag speaks at annual symposium

With fluorescent pink hair and a matching shade of lipstick, Alice Bag is not your conventional chicana woman in her 50s. She was born in east Los Angeles in 1958, and was the lead singer in The Bags, a punk band formed in the mid 1970s.