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Kelly Burns

Fake service dogs have real-life consequences

Dogs are cute, I get it. Everyone loves their pet and wishes they could be with their little ball of fluff 24 hours a day. For some, this desire has mutated into paying $30 online, slapping a knock-off red vest on their pet and calling it a service animal.

Press pause on puppies

Canines puppers, doggos, woofers, pups. Man's best friend. The most precious thing on the planet. My reason for getting up in the morning.

Attending church abroad: More museum than mass

The gray and blue stone shoots out over the tops of the uniform orange shingles of Bruges' buildings. Equally beautiful, yet somehow out of place, St. Salvator's Cathedral towers over the carefully crafted, old-timey Bruges like a grandfather sitting next to a 20-year-old with full makeup, striving to look old enough to get into a bar. The authenticity sometimes missing in the tourist packed streets oozes off of the cathedral.

Why do we travel?

They say there are no stupid questions, just stupid answers. So the question, "why do we travel?" can't be dumb. However, (and I would bold, italicize and underline that word if possible) there are some answers that are so lacking in intelligence that I find myself staring into the void wondering where we went wrong.