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Claire Lordan

Claire joined The Miami Student because she was stupidly excited to start writing in college and felt like an actual journalist (even though a piece of her heart will always belong to her high school paper - remember your roots). The first piece she wrote for TMS was about upperclassmen not obeying social distancing guidelines back in August, and was shared on an Instagram account with over 7,000 followers! They didn’t have nice things to say about it, but there’s no such thing as bad publicity. 

When she’s not writing exposés that scare her mom into thinking she’ll have to switch schools, you can find her in the drive thru line at Dunkin for the 79th time this week, or hanging out with the ghost of Helen Peabody (don’t ask if she believes in ghosts - it’ll only upset her).

Miami has four butterfly gardens on campus, which feature local plants that provide nutrients to birds, butterflies and insects.

Trading grass for geraniums: Are butterfly gardens the future for Miami?

As spring comes into full bloom, plants and flowers around Oxford have exploded into color. For students with allergies, it’s a nightmare. For everyone else, it’s a welcome reprieve from the harrowing ordeal that is an Ohio winter. For the Miami University botany department, however, spring means the re-emergence of its passion project for the past five years: butterfly gardens.

This year, Miami held its first Women of Excellence Awards and honored exceptional students and faculty alike.

Miami University holds first Women of Excellence Awards

Seven women received recognition at Miami University’s Women of Excellence Virtual Celebration on Wednesday, March 31 for their leadership and dedication to the Miami community. The recipients, including three faculty members and four undergraduate students, were nominated for recognition by their classmates and colleagues.