Established 1826 — Oldest College Newspaper West of the Alleghenies

Claire Lordan

Claire is a sophomore journalism and diplomacy and global politics co-major from Cleveland, Ohio. 

She published her first story with TMS before setting foot on campus (thank you, COVID) for her fall semester, and has loved it ever since. 

When she’s not submitting stories at 11:59 p.m. on Friday nights or bullying her friends into writing for the magazine, she can be found drinking her seventh iced latte of the day and watching YouTube video essays. 

The skater bois of Miami

If there is a skater culture at Miami, sophomore computer science major Erik Johnson doesn’t consider himself a part of it. Sure, he rides his electric skateboard to class everyday, but that doesn’t make him a “skater.” 

Miami has four butterfly gardens on campus, which feature local plants that provide nutrients to birds, butterflies and insects.

Trading grass for geraniums: Are butterfly gardens the future for Miami?

As spring comes into full bloom, plants and flowers around Oxford have exploded into color. For students with allergies, it’s a nightmare. For everyone else, it’s a welcome reprieve from the harrowing ordeal that is an Ohio winter. For the Miami University botany department, however, spring means the re-emergence of its passion project for the past five years: butterfly gardens.