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Alyssa Melendez

Misophonia: Little sounds, large reaction

There's the old adage of nails on a chalkboard. Everyone who hears this sound hates it, but what if the annoyance was more pervasive than that? What if hearing nails on a chalkboard caused someone to become so irrationally irritated that they couldn't control it? What if it made them scream for hours on end? What if it caused them physical pain?

Scholars conduct summer research

If you were to ask senior Jada Harris what she did over the summer, she would say that she wrote a play: a play that will, hopefully, be performed as part of the Independent Artists Series on Miami University's campus in the spring.

Engineers Without Borders to construct movable greenhouse to for Food Institute

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) is a national student-run service organization, focused on engineering solutions for those in need. A little over two years ago, Miami's chapter completed a water supply project in Chaguarpamba, Ecuador. They are currently working on projects for communities in Uganda and Rwanda and will travel to both places in the next few months.