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Alison Perelman

Inspiration and support at the Oscars

The Academy Awards are about winning, or so some say. They are about honoring those who have worked hard to get there. They are about celebrating movies. But more importantly, the Academy Awards are about celebrating and inspiring others.

Ivy goes public: Miami's new 'First Dog'

I walked into Lewis Place, and Renate greeted me with her usual bright smile. But following in her footsteps was the welcoming committee I was really looking forward to: Ivy, the newest member of the Crawford family, pranced into the hallway to see who had come to call.

Taking it to the extremes: Living life like the Finnish

HELSINKI, Finland -- I stepped outside in my simple black two piece bathing suit, bare feet and hair tied up. The cold air hit my flushed skin and filled my desperate lungs. I could see my breath cloud in front of me. I walked along the deck, down the steps and to the ladder at the edge.