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Fashion 101: Lesson 2

My name is Jack Sampson, and this is the second installment of the series where I teach you how to develop a personal fashion sense. 

Graphic by Macy Chamberlin

The Pioneer of Pleating: Issey Miyake

“There are three different words in Japanese language for ’clothing’: western clothing, Japanese clothing, clothing in general, but this word can mean both lucky and joy. When people ask me which of these values suits my clothes, I reply that I create joy” - Issey Miyake. 


Abandoning the meaning at the Met Gala

Fashion, which to many people is superficial, often has to go through the added chore of telling the audience why they should care about it. Especially at the Met Gala, which is probably the largest pop culture event at which fashion is the top priority, designers often seem to be straining to create “meaning” for those who don’t take fashion seriously in the first place.


The six designers who created a new fashion capital

To someone who doesn’t know anything about these people, “Antwerp Six” sounds like a group of superheroes from a comic book. However, while they may not have super powers, these six individuals are indeed idolized by many for their many accomplishments in the fashion world.

Photo by Red de Leon via Wikimedia Commons

What is Archival Fashion

Most archival brands have been making clothing since the ’90s, some even earlier than that. Their footprints in the fashion market are so deeply ingrained that their legacies themselves are also justification for their price.


The boring tyranny of elevated basics

Why is the brand trying so hard to convince you that these clothes are “essential?” It’s as if fashion is no longer a playground of self-expression, but a risk to be mitigated.

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