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Aramark will leave Miami after a short two years as the dining provider, a decision that Anastasija Mladenovska believes does not benefit students.

Aramark needs to stay

When I heard about Miami University’s decision to part ways with Aramark, I was shocked. This decision was made without any prior student or Aramark staff consultation and is unjust and lacking transparency.

Professors are split on using AI. Some love it, some hate it. What should Miami's policy be?

Does higher ed know what to do about AI?

The widespread accessibility of AI writing tools, combined with a lack of research as to what ethical use of these tools looks like, has created panic among some members of the Miami University community and has intrigued others.

Miami University is not giving all its faculty the 2% raises it budgeted for. FAM believes this to be steps taken against the union, and wants the raises they say they were promised.

The costs of denying faculty raises

In the last few years, faculty and librarians at Miami have faced pressures that make it harder for us to do our jobs well: increased class sizes, extra service demands and stressful calls for reinventing, restructuring and closing down academic programs. 


First-year Shock: Climbing

As a child, I loved to climb. We had a creek in my neighborhood, as many Midwest neighborhoods do, and one of my favorite pastimes was taking my bike down to the creek and climbing the surrounding trees. 


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: In support of humanities, don’t give up on the study of ourselves

An article in the Sept. 29 issue of The Miami Student referred to “heartbreaking” news that Miami University is considering the elimination of majors in the humanities. On one level — the level of fiscal priorities — this might seem understandable. However, as the article mentions, one of the contributing factors to current fiscal problems is the position of the Ohio state government. The question is whether the state is doing enough to support educational institutions in need of assistance.


First-year Shock: First class

I start the walk to the other hallway, the one that should have 1023, and continue down until I realize yet another mistake: The room doesn’t exist. Where I thought room 1023 would be is actually the janitor’s office.

The League of Women Voters hopes to inform students about preparing for the upcoming November election, emphasizing the need to vote.

Changes to Ohio’s voter ID laws impact students

In January, the state of Ohio adopted more stringent voter identification laws, and the League of Women Voters of Oxford is worried about the impact these changes will have on the ability of Miami University students to vote in the Nov. 7 election. 

Air purifiers are everywhere and in every dorm. The benefits yet are unknown.

Miami University: The Kingdom of Air Purifiers?

No matter how much fresh air I breathe sitting by the Seal, whenever I walk into the residence halls I am greeted by my fellow students’ obsession with air purification. If you are a returning student living in the residence halls, you already know that air purifiers are an invasive species.

Miami’s pet policies can be strict. But, it’s for the benefit of the students in more ways than one.

Are Miami pet policies too ruff?

Many households worldwide find joy and companionship through pet ownership. For college students, adopting their first furry friends can be a delightful experience, but it also presents responsibilities and challenges when it comes to understanding and complying with university pet policies. 

At The Student, we strive to do the best work possible in as timely a manner as possible. Editor-in-Chief Sean Scott details our process.

From the editor’s desk: Here’s what makes the news

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