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Sigma Chi aims to redefine itself with recolonization

In recent years, several Miami fraternities have been suspended for hazing and prohibited use of alcohol. With some facing such a checkered past, recolonizing a fraternity may seem a difficult task. Yet, that is exactly what the new faces of Sigma Chi are attempting.

Individuals who are under 21 can legally drink alcohol in the state of Ohio with parental supervision.

Sigma Nu 'Viking party' leads to suspension

Last spring, the 33 pledges of Sigma Nu fraternity were ordered to down 100 beers each, recording every drink with a mark on their chests, according to university records.


Sigma Chi museum preserves history

In two small rooms above the former location of Bill's Art Store on High Street, an integral part of Miami history and Greek history lives on due to the work of Sigma Chi fraternity.

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