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Freshman shock: New experiences with an old friend

  The first few weeks of college in your first year are hard. They are even harder for the Class of 2024. But, as always, we eventually find comfort, connection or familiarity somewhere. Look out for stories about first-year 'shock' from a few of our newest writers.


Getting Lost on My Way to Class

Before Aug. 18, I thought it would be impossible to get lost on the first day of class — just one more essential college experience the Class of 2024 will never get. I was wrong. 


“Painting the face” online: how a stage makeup class is held virtually

  The class that Lisa Martin-Stuart teaches, THE 151 — Stage Makeup, is just one of many studio art classes that has had to adjust to online learning. Being in a tactile career field like theatre has proved to present many difficulties during this virtual era of learning. Despite that, Martin-Stuart said there have been some surprising positives that came out of hosting the stage makeup class online, such as extra application and research time.


Special delivery: the face behind the food

  With her Release Radar playlist bumping on Spotify, Kayley Harris pulls her brand-new Honda Civic into the McDonald’s drive-thru. When she gets to the window, the employee recognizes her and smiles. Back in her car, she turns the music up, and the cycle continues.  A DoorDasher’s work is never done. 


Nothing goes to waste: Rumpke's response to COVID-19 in Oxford

Driver and trash collector Jody Kieffer has gone to work at four in the morning and picked up the waste from both Miami students and Oxford residents for the past 20 years. In a normal year, most of the trash in Oxford comes from the various businesses lining the streets of uptown. This year is different.


MAP makes the most of virtual events

  At the beginning of each school year, Miami Activities & Programming (MAP) always welcomes students back to campus with a slew of exciting events. This year, however, the student-run organization had to take a different approach.  Between the COVID-19 pandemic and Miami choosing to start the semester totally online, MAP had to turn their movie nights, escape rooms and bake-offs into virtual events. 


Miami IT adapts to challenges of virtual learning

As Miami shifted online, each department faced unique problems stemming from the transition. Information Technology (IT) services were at the center of it all. Throughout a typical year, IT’s role is crucial, but as students moved away from campus, IT’s impact was even more important to Miami’s success online.  


Unexpected shutdown: transferring to Miami due to COVID

 Imagine if, one day, the students of Miami University woke up to find an email from President Crawford saying that Miami would be closing after 211 years of being an active university. No more Miami classes. No more Miami professors. No more Miami organizations. No more Miami, period.    This is the fate that Urbana University, located in Urbana, Ohio, was met with this year. 


A dino-mite way to teach a class

Everyone knows that the first day of class is the most boring one.  You hear about the syllabus, attendance policies and when office hours are. But imagine logging onto Canvas and hitting play on your first video lecture to see your professor … in a dinosaur costume?

Miami's Department of Magical Appreciation, a Harry Potter-focused student org, will have to find ways to survive online just like the university's other clubs.

Orgs online: Miami clubs adapt to the unexpected

 With a quiet campus and mandates against large gatherings, Miami’s community looks very different this fall. Many of the university’s clubs have found unique ways to keep their members motivated and participating even with changing regulations.  


Back at it: Oxford’s nightlife jolts back to life

  Densely-packed bars, dance floors sticky from spilled drinks, streets crowded with jubilant Miamians — all hallmarks of a typical weekend in Oxford. And up until a few months ago, seen week in and week out.  Now, nearly six months after Oxford’s bar scene shut down, it’s coming back to life.


Group fitness across distance

Zoom calls and livestreams on Instagram and Facebook have become part of most people’s daily routines, taking the place of lectures, meetings, special events and even workout sessions.

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