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Differences both good and bad: the international student experience at Miami

(7 hours ago)

Making the leap from living at home to a college dormitory is a major life change. In addition to learning how to make new friends and balance classes, many students are living away from home for the first time. Many have to adjust to a new town or city, and some have to go to a different state altogether.

Sheldon Anderson: Cold War basketball player to history professor

(10/19/22 3:00pm)

Many professors need to travel abroad for research. There are environments that can only be found in certain countries, libraries that can only be accessed in certain cities and people that only reside in one specific place. There are scholarships and grants that help researchers get to these places, but not everyone can access them.

Higher acceptance rates don’t necessarily mean lower opinions of Miami — or a high acceptance rate

(09/18/22 12:00pm)

For the class of 2022, Harvard University had a 4.59% acceptance rate. The chances for prospective college students looked better if they applied to Ohio State University, settling in at 52%. Ohio University’s main campus was close to guaranteed admission, with a rate of 87%.