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Taxidermy Tuesdays

(05/01/19 12:00am)

The first incision is along the keel. My glove-covered fingers comb the European starling's gray down feathers to the side in order to get a cleaner cut, but they keep drifting back to the bird's belly. The top part of the chest is good for practice. When I cut too deep, I pierce the bird's muscles, but don't have to worry yet about accidentally releasing its last meal. Once I move down toward the stomach and intestines, however, the extent of my cuts starts to matter.

'Feud' revitalizes legendary Old Hollywood squabble

(03/07/17 10:00am)

In the age of diss tracks and subtweets, celebrity feuds are more rampant than ever. From Drake and Meek Mill to Taylor Swift and Kanye West/Katy Perry/(insert name here), it seems like half of Hollywood has a score to settle. "Feud: Bette and Joan" proves that this trend goes back decades by retelling a story of monumental celebrity warfare. Millennials may not be familiar with the lifetime rivalry between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, but they will instantly recognize their loathing in contemporary stars.