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All you have to do is get through this week… every single week

(10/21/22 2:00pm)

College is an endless cycle of telling ourselves that we “just have to get through this week,” but then what? We say the same thing when the next week rolls around. Though it’s definitely true that we need to take things week by week or day by day in life, those days or weeks cannot necessarily look the same every time.

A word of advice from a sophomore to the first-years

(09/20/22 5:01pm)

During the first week on campus, I overheard numerous conversations among the first-years about not knowing how to get acclimated to campus life and make friends. Though it may seem like the end of the world when you’re dropped off in a brand-new environment and left to build a brand-new routine with brand-new people, speaking from my experience as a sophomore, you just have to give it time.