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Why I call The Miami Student home

<p>Kasey Turman is all smiles when in the newsroom. Photo by Sarah Frosch</p>

Kasey Turman is all smiles when in the newsroom. Photo by Sarah Frosch

When I decided to transfer to Miami University in the spring of 2022, I thought I’d find a campus with a good mixture of academics and fun. For my first year, I only found academics.

That all changed when I joined The Miami Student. I had gone Uptown with my friends, played intramural sports and gone to Miami football games, but nothing made me feel like I was living the college life until I joined The Student.

By joining, I became surrounded by not only some of the coolest people I had met, but also people who were in the same classes as me. Before this, I had only spent time with my friends who were engineering, geology or business majors.

At the same time, I now had a weekly excuse to talk to people that I didn’t live with. This saved me from the endless cycle of talking about any and every sport playing that night.

This is not to say that the newsroom is the most sophisticated or work-intense space on campus. Many times I’ve come into the newsroom just to throw a ball with Sam Norton, our opinion and greenhawks editor, and talk about what we would be doing this summer. Even once, I thought I perfected the art of the knuckleball with a plush burger the size of my head.

The Student may put out an amazing product, but if you asked me if I could be productive around other TMSers I would immediately say no.

The only days that I can truly say I’m productive around my peers are Wednesdays.

Every Wednesday, around 20 TMSers pile in the newsroom to either put together our print issue or plan out our posts for online coverage. During these nights, my emotions range from stressed to elated.

No matter how the night goes, I know that there’ll be a moment when I laugh until I feel like throwing up and a group of people that can solve any problems that arise.

Some Wednesdays, I think about how I could be spending 6 p.m. to midnight somewhere else doing something else. But then, without fail, I always laugh at myself for even thinking about being anywhere that isn’t with my friends.

Ultimately, these thoughts brought me to the idea of running for Editor-in-Chief of the very paper that has helped me become who I am today. Then I won. With our first print since my election under my belt, I am nothing but proud to call this paper home.

Here’s to the next year and beyond for The Miami Student.

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