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Succeed in the fashion industry with this advice

A future in fashion is multifaceted and can start developing at any point in college.
A future in fashion is multifaceted and can start developing at any point in college.

With the loom of graduation later this semester, many students at Miami University might be fearing what comes next for them. Some of them dream of artistic careers such as in the fashion industry and wonder if any room remains for them among such high competition. 

No matter where they are in their pursuits, students can learn about, embrace and even elevate their own relationship with style while still in college. 

Get involved in student organizations

Students can get safe, easy experience by experimenting with student organizations on campus. 

Miami’s largest one, Miami University Fashion & Design (MUF&D), allows passionate students to develop their skills in everything from designing and modeling to leading. As the most widely reputable fashion organization on campus, students are bound to network with important contacts in the field.

Another popular organization is UP Magazine. By working with this publication, students can emulate all the best fashion magazines and try their own hand at the various roles offered at UP.

The Style section of The Miami Student invites writers of all calibers to make their voice heard. Those in the industry might someday pick up on what they have to say and want to incorporate their opinions in other fashion media.

Take advantage of academic opportunities

Miami and its community connects students to all kinds of opportunities in fashion.

FAS450B, the first course here to combine fashion and journalism, lets students of any major learn directly from another expert in the department. They can catch up on the fundamentals of fashion while also becoming comfortable in contemporary discussions, starting out as more than just a novice.

Students can also choose a major or minor in fashion. The department features a select team of professors teaching everything from history, study and actual designing.

One local option for students after graduation is cosmetology school at Aveda Fredric’s Institute. In its main, quick year-long program, students have fun realizing their potential without spending much more money on their education.

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Design your own professional trajectory

Many occupations, internships and other resume points are out there for fashion students of all levels at Miami, on and off campus. 

The Cincinnati Style Report, the city’s leading fashion magazine, encourages students to be intern contributors during the academic year. Students should always feel free to inquire to big brands at Miami’s career fairs or by reaching out to shadow a job.

Another local company, Juniper, recently hired new female ambassadors to create social media content for its clothing. The student-owned Well-Being Apparel also has its own ambassadors and inspires students to try entrepreneurialism.

There’s nothing but potential for a student’s career in fashion – they get to choose how it looks.