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These three Oxford boutiques are closet staples


The inside of The Apple Tree.
The inside of The Apple Tree.

If you’ve ever stepped foot around Miami University’s campus, you know there’s not much to shop for. The nearest Target is 15 miles away, and it’s 21 miles before you reach the closest shopping mall.

In the digital age and in a remote location, shopping online is typically the best bet if you need a dress for formal, a going-out top or a cute pair of pants for Sunday brunch.

It’s not an entirely lost cause, though. Uptown, there are three specific boutiques that make driving and online shopping entirely unnecessary. 


Between Skyline and Steinkeller is Juniper. Juniper is a boutique that specializes in the “going-out” look department. They boast a wide selection of tulle tops, colorful mini dresses and stylish jeans. When I went in there, I caught myself adding things to my already miles-long wishlist.

The music they were playing in the store reflected their style – upbeat and fun. Techno pop filled the room, which was fitting. I could see anybody at Brick Street or Chanks wearing these unique designs and patterns, being carefree and having a good time.  

If you’re looking for a dress for any occasion, Juniper still has your back. There’s a plethora of dresses perfect for a formal, but they also have beautiful sun dresses that match the spring weather Oxford has been having. 

Photo by Allison Lee | The Miami Student
A dress sold in Juniper.

The Apple Tree

The Apple Tree is another boutique Uptown that offers a wide variety of clothes, leaning more toward the modest side of things. 

The woodsy, farm-chic vibe of The Apple Tree perfectly matches the style of clothing they sell. If you’re drawn toward the “coastal cowboy” aesthetic, The Apple Tree is just for you. 

White flared jeans, flowy tops and beaded accessories filled the store. Their online shop shows an array of Free People intimates and loungewear, perfect for a relaxed, off-duty model look. 

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The Apple Tree isn’t just a clothing store – their jewelry and accessories are notable in their simplicity and chicness. Simple hoop earrings lined racks, dainty gold necklaces were on display, and bracelets went as far as the eye could see. Not only is the jewelry perfect for your own jewelry box, but some of the pieces would make amazing gifts for your loved ones. 

The Apple Tree has a wide variety of personalized jewelry pieces for just about any occasion. Some of them have morse code messages made of beads that say “Sweet Sister,” “You’re My Person” and “Granddaughter.” Others are simple gold bangles with quotes and sayings inscribed on them. 

Leeli + Lou

Right next to The Apple Tree is Leeli + Lou. If you’re looking for pieces in your closet that are a mix of trendy and timeless, Leeli + Lou is the place to go. They have a unique collection of clothes that are trendy, but not microtrends. Classy, but not old-fashioned. When I tell you that they have most everything, I mean it. 

Not only do they have stunning going-out dresses, but they have practical, tasteful maxi dresses that would be appropriate for a date, a formal event or even vacation. Their sweater collection is to die for. Recently I was struggling to find a top for a business-casual event … lo and behold, I could have walked into Leeli + Lou ages ago.

The boutique also sells fun sets for just about any occasion. Linen sets were on sale just around spring break, matching sweat sets have been advertised in the winter and going out sets cover most racks. 

The accessories sold here are equally as fun and fresh. I always see their neon trucker hats around campus and their jewelry is so colorful with such a nostalgic summer vibe. Leeli + Lou sells tote bags, mini bags and clutches – what more could you ask for?

Even though everybody on campus has their own unique sense of style, it’s safe to say that these three Oxford boutiques have pieces that are so versatile and easy to wear. Gone are the days of waiting for shipping or driving for hours to get to a mall. 

When these shops are just a walk away, it’ll be hard to keep everyone out of them!