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PHOTOS: Sylvester Stallone spotted shooting new film, ‘Alarum,’ in Oxford

<p>Sylvester Stallone began filming a scene wherein he enters a tackle shop in Poland.</p>

Sylvester Stallone began filming a scene wherein he enters a tackle shop in Poland.

Students and community members packed together across from Martin Luther King Jr. Park Uptown hoping to spot Sylvester Stallone while filming his new movie, “Alarum.” The whole park and much of the surrounding area was blocked off for shooting starting Feb. 27.

Since a staged plane crash was found in Hueston Woods earlier this month, rumors had been circulating that Stallone himself would make an appearance Uptown for filming. Crowds awaited his arrival for hours on Tuesday evening.

“He just landed,” one crew member was overheard saying, sparking rumors of his imminent arrival, ultimately to no avail.

Trailers on the set were labeled “Joe Travers,” “Lisa Travers,” “Helicopter Pilot” and “Splinter.”  A man who appeared to be Stallone’s stunt double was seen entering and exiting one of the trailers as well. 

Community members shared rumors among themselves, saying that Stallone was staying in Cincinnati at a bar all night, or that he was staying in Oxford itself. One woman was excited when she thought she ran into Scott Eastwood by the trailers. The crowds were pleased, however, when the crew started shooting scenes with Jeeps burning rubber in front of Park Place West and Uptown Tattoo.

Ohio has become known in the film industry for its significant tax credits for movie production. “Alarum,” directed by Michael Polish, is just one of many to take advantage.

On Feb. 28, Stallone was finally spotted making his way to the set, where he began shooting a scene in which he enters a Polish bait and tackle shop. He walked from his trailer labeled “Joe Travers,” his character in the film, to a black Chevrolet Tahoe.

He was driven across the street, likely to avoid being spotted by the public. 

Entering Park Place West for the shoot, Stallone was seen beginning many takes, including some in which he was seen wielding a handgun.

The film is expected to continue shooting in Oxford through at least March 2, when it is scheduled to film scenes at the College@Elm.

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