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Oxford welcomes student-led chicken restaurant Uptown

The interior of OxVegas Chicken is very spacious and provides many opportunities for indoor dining.
The interior of OxVegas Chicken is very spacious and provides many opportunities for indoor dining.

Jan. 21 marked the grand opening of Oxford’s newest chicken restaurant, OxVegas Chicken

Owned by Miami alum Jackson Trester and current senior Tyler Storer, OxVegas Chicken is located on 48 E. Park Place. 

The two met at Miami in an entrepreneurship class in 2021 and came up with their idea for the restaurant for Startup Weekend Miami, where they took home third place.

This is not Oxford’s first chicken restaurant, as Gobbler has been open since late November; however, the two restaurants have many differences. 

Due to its proximity to campus, OxVegas Chicken is convenient for Miami students living on and off campus. Gobbler, located on Spring Street, can seem like a farther distance for students in dorms and traveling on foot. 

OxVegas Chicken is open from noon until 3 a.m. Thursday through Saturday, making it a great late night snack choice for those dancing the night away at Brick Street. The restaurant is open until midnight Sunday through Wednesday. 

The interior of this new restaurant is very spacious and offers many tables for indoor dining. OxVegas Chicken also has a full bar that has yet to open. 

The menu is substantially smaller than Gobbler’s, but it serves all the staples one would expect from a fried chicken restaurant. The options includeTexas toast, french fries, mac and cheese, chicken sandwiches and chicken tenders. 

Like every other chicken restaurant nowadays, OxVegas has also created its own dipping sauce, known as OxSauce. This sauce could be easily mistaken for thousand island dressing. 

Photo by Kaitlin McDowell | The Miami Student
OxVegas Chicken’s signature dipping sauce is titles OxVegas sauce and adds a sweet flavor to the tenders.

Fair price for filling food

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The restaurant started on a good foot with its affordable prices. OxVegas chicken charges $10.49 for three chicken tenders and one sauce, labeled as the “Freshman” on the menu, and $16.49 for the “Senior,” eight tenders and two sauces. The menu titles are perfect for a chicken restaurant in a college town. 

OxVegas Chicken offers a contactless method of ordering with three touchpads on the wall. This allowed for a quick way to place an order. 

The restaurant was not busy when I arrived, and my food was ready very quickly. 

I ordered the freshman meal which came with three chicken tenders, french fries and a piece of Texas toast. 

The chicken tenders were very crispy, but not so crispy that they tasted burnt. I dipped these in the OxVegas sauce, which added a subtle sweetness to the tenders. 

The fries were comparable to those served at Skipper’s Pub, which in my opinion are too greasy and soft. The Texas toast was also very soft and garlic flavored.

Photo by Kaitlin McDowell | The Miami Student
Pictured is the Freshman meal, featuring 3 chicken tenders, waffle fries and Texas toast.

Overall, I really enjoyed my meal. I received a very filling amount of food for a good price on a college student budget. 

In addition to their delicious food, OxVegas Chicken sells merchandise for their restaurant, similarly to other Oxford establishments like Bagel and Deli and Skipper’s. The restaurant sells a T-shirt, a crewneck with the slogan “Love, Honor, Chicken” on the back and a hooded sweatshirt. 

Rating: 8/10