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Christmas comes early at Starbucks

Shriver Starbucks shows their change to their holiday menu using bright red menu boards and colorful cups.
Shriver Starbucks shows their change to their holiday menu using bright red menu boards and colorful cups.

As the Halloween season winds down and the days get colder, the radio and the grocery stores agree that winter is on its way. While this may seem dreadful, especially with the looming threat of windchill and snow, it also comes with light at the end of the tunnel — the holidays! 

The beginning of this season was kicked off Nov. 2 as each Starbucks location at Miami University released its winter menu and classic red cups. Regular Starbucks goers saw the Shriver, Withrow, Bell Tower and Uptown locations completely redone with red menu boards and other festive decorations. 

The holiday menu means the return of fan favorites as well as a few new releases. Not sure which new drink to try before class? Here’s a breakdown of a few of the menu’s highlights. 

Peppermint Mocha 

This is easily the most popular holiday drink at Starbucks. Made with espresso, steamed milk, mocha sauce and peppermint syrup, who doesn’t want their daily caffeine boost to taste like chocolate and mint? A peppermint mocha is easily Christmas in a cup. For those who don’t enjoy caffeine, a peppermint hot chocolate is a great substitute for this drink. 

Gingerbread Oatmilk Chai Latte 

I was very excited about the return of the gingerbread flavor to the holiday menu after it was so abruptly removed a few years ago. This latte is a perfect mix of spices and has hints of gingerbread while still preserving the sweet chai flavor. The return of the gingerbread syrup also means you can order gingerbread lattes. 

Peppermint Cake Pop 

While this isn’t a drink or even a breakfast item, Starbucks’s cake pops are still an essential part of the menu. These white-chocolate-covered and peppermint-chocolate-filled cake pops are topped with crushed candy canes to make for a delicious sweet treat. They have the consistency of a perfectly moist brownie and are a few small bites of heaven.

Gingerbread Loaf

Another gingerbread menu item, this bread loaf will pair perfectly with your morning coffee. The spices don’t overpower a latte or tea, but the loaf still has that perfect sweet nutmeg flavor. 

Almond Milk Sugar Cookie Latte

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This is the only coffee-based drink on the menu advertised as made cold, but it’s also served hot for those who don’t enjoy iced coffee in the winter. This drink is made with blonde espresso, sugar cookie syrup and almond milk. The most festive thing about this drink is that it is topped with green and red sprinkles.

A few other notable returning Starbucks holiday drinks are the chestnut praline latte and the caramel brulee latte, both also delicious options. 

No matter which holiday drink you choose to order, you won’t be disappointed. All of these drinks are a great way to get excited for the upcoming cold months ahead and kick that seasonal depression to the curb.