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Options for to-go coffee, study spots and treats on campus

As of mid-October, Miami University is officially home to three different Starbucks locations. With the opening of the new Bell Tower Starbucks, students have an abundance of options for their caffeine fix, both on and off campus.

Some spots are far less crowded than others, with more places to study and better snack options to help fuel students through a long day of classes. This list will break down all of the Oxford coffee shops, by the use they best serve.

Best places to study

Note to first-years; if you want to go to a coffee shop to study, do not go to the Uptown Starbucks. It is small, often packed and has approximately three tables that are always swarmed with people waiting for their mobile orders. Instead, I recommend the following.

King Cafe

Located in the basement of King Library

Here’s the thing, King Cafe definitely doesn’t have the most delicious coffee or food. But they dohave an abundance of tables to study at, the line is never too long and it’s incredibly convenient.

Withrow Starbucks

Located on the North Side of campus in the basement of Withrow Hall. 

The Withrow Starbucks was one of the casualties to the Miami COVID-19 dining shutdowns. However, it made its return last year, and since then has been a staple for students hoping to study during the day. They have a plethora of tables, and the line is never as long as the Shriver Starbucks. 


Located Uptown

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As long as you don’t go on a Sunday morning at 11 a.m. with the rest of the Miami population, Kofenya is arguably the best place to study on campus. The vibes are immaculate, the staff is friendly and the coffee is delicious. Plus the toasts and apple muffins are must-tries.

Cafe Lux

Located in Armstrong Student Center

I don’t love their coffee, but they have plenty of tables to study at. Additionally, its location is more convenient than other spots on campus. 

Best places to grab a coffee on the go

Uptown Starbucks

Located Uptown a block away from Chipotle

As long as you order ahead well in advance, the Uptown Starbucks is a great place to grab a coffee when you are on the run. However, wait times can be long.

Dividend’s Fiscal Grind

Located within Farmer School of Business (FSB)

I will argue that of all the Miami-Dining run Coffee Shops, Fiscal Grind is the best. It is located within the Dividend’s Cafe in FSB and is my go-to stop during a busy day.

Bell Tower Starbucks

Located in the middle of the Academic Quad, right next to the new Bell Tower Ghost Kitchen

The newest Starbucks to grace Miami’s campus is the Bell Tower Location. This Starbucks is unique because it runs solely on the GrubHub app. There are no in-person ordering options, and there aren’t any tables to sit at. However, due to its novelty and the order-ahead only design, the lines have been the shortest of all the Starbucks locations on campus, and it’s the most centrally located to most of the academic buildings.

Kroger Starbucks

Located in the Kroger off Spring Street

While not the best option if you are walking around campus, the Kroger Starbucks is a great option if you are driving in or out of town. Less crowded and easy parking!

Best Food

Dunkin’ Donuts

Off Locust Street 

It’s all in the name- Dunkin’ DONUTS. Need I say more?

Panera Bread

Located in Armstrong Student Center

Admittedly, this is not my favorite coffee chain. I find their coffee to be much too sweet. However, their food options, especially for breakfast and pastries, are the best on campus — if you can handle the wait.