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Trends to watch for this fall

Colarich dresses in her best colors for fall on campus.
Colarich dresses in her best colors for fall on campus.

Autumn is quickly upon us, and for us fashionistas, there’s nothing more exciting than a fall style upgrade. As the weather cools down, here are some fall trends I’ve been loving so you can spruce up your fall wardrobe. 

Princess Di 

It wouldn’t be fall or spring style without the Princess Diana look. Every Miami University student’s tried-and-true, it’s all over campus. Odds are you’ve worn it without even realizing.  

Consisting of an oversized crewneck and a pair of biker shorts, this look is easy, casual and perfect for the summer-to-fall transition. Wear a turtleneck underneath for chillier days, or a tank top for warmer ones, and you’ve got the royal look down pat. 

Pops of color

If you’re anything like me, the color palette of your fall wardrobe consists of neutrals and earthy tones. But fresh pops of color are taking closets by storm. Gone are the days of muted fall looks — jewel tones and spring brights are in vogue this year.  

While a wine red tends to be a classic fall-to-winter staple, it seems to be the color of the season as ’90s elegance continues to make a resurgence. Worn with black or white and in textures such as satin or crushed velvet, it’s perfect for a chic pop of color in your outfits. 

But if burgundy isn’t your prerogative, consider pops of color via bright, eclectic cool tones – for instance blues, pinks and purples have all found favor on the runway lately. 

Photo by Gianna Colarich | The Miami Student
Colarich sports a leather jacket while out and about.

Leather jackets

Everyone should have a decent quality leather jacket in their closet. My staple piece last winter was a PacSun leather blazer, and no doubt I’ll be wearing it time and again this fall. Chic, effortless, and incredibly versatile, there’s no better layering piece than a leather jacket on chilly autumn days. 

Mixed metals

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“Mixed metals” has been one of 2023’s most defining trends and one of my favorites, albeit one I just haven’t hopped onto yet (am I cool enough to?). Once an ultimate fashion taboo, combining silver and gold quickly gained popularity last season, and it doesn't show any signs of slowing down into the fall. 

Bold and eye-catching, mixing metals is an excellent way to enhance your fall outfits. The key to this is through layering your jewelry. With stacked rings, clunky bracelets and even assorted earrings, the options are endless. Whether you prefer to wear silver or gold, consider giving this two-toned trend a try.

Whether you follow the trends or not, fall is the perfect time to go outside your style comfort zone. I encourage you to play with new silhouettes, color palettes, hair and makeup looks this season – and I can’t wait to see what trends are next to hit Oxford.