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Everyone gets sick in college; use these tried and true remedies to help

<p>Lots of people have weird methods of keeping colds away. Abbey Elizondo has the definitive list.</p>

Lots of people have weird methods of keeping colds away. Abbey Elizondo has the definitive list.

I know you’re tired of hearing about sickness, COVID-19 and everything else people are hacking up after coming back to campus. I know I am. But, I think I have some remedies for staying healthy during the first month of the semester. You’ll know some of them, but we all need a reminder every once and a while. 

Stay hydrated

I’ll avoid repeating the cheesy and cliché sayings about drinking enough water while also stressing the importance of drinking water. Water is the best way to flush viruses out of your system and allow your organs to function properly during a cold or any illness. 

I take it to a bit of an extreme when I drink eight cups of tea the first day I feel sick, but we all have our routines when dealing with colds.

Eat balanced meals

I struggle with this often when I’m sick, curled up in bed, not wanting to make anything, and I normally end up eating processed crackers and chips. You need to give your body fuel to fight whatever virus is swimming through your system. 

Homemade soup with fresh veggies like celery, carrots, herbs and spices not only helps you battle cold chills but gives you tons of vitamins and water (celery is mostly water) to continue flushing all the grossness out. Canned soup works just as well, or whatever concoction you can make at the dining halls. Just make sure you’re eating something to nourish your body.

Stay rested and stay home

You’ve heard this before; stay home for yourself and everyone else when you’re sick. It keeps everyone healthier and gives you time to recover. Missing one day of class is worth it over spending another week feeling exhausted.

OK now that I’ve shared the tried and true methods, here’s what I’ve done in the past that has worked for me.

Now for the weird ones I’ve used in the past that may or may not help people. I think they’re great for reducing cold and flu symptoms. Remedies are different from cures, which don’t exist for viruses like the common cold unfortunately.

Hydrogen peroxide salt gargle

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My grandma always told me to do this when I felt a sore throat coming on. Mix a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide with one cup of water. Use it similar to a mouthwash, tilting your head back a bit to let the salt help with the inflammation in your throat. Don’t drink it by accident — very gross. 

You can do this one to two times a day until your sore throat is gone. I’ve noticed this helps more with cold sore throats than strep throat symptoms. 

Essential oil diffuser

Don’t tune out when you see the words “essential oils.” I use them for daily preventative health rather than thinking they are essential nutrients for the body. 

If you have a diffuser, and you can find therapeutic-grade essential oils, grab one with a blend of cloves, cinnamon, eucalyptus or pure peppermint. The bark blend will help with immunity and anti-inflammation while the peppermint will reduce congestion symptoms. Fill the diffuser up to the water line and add two to three drops, no more. Trust me, it will do the job.

Peppermint has also helped my headaches in the past. Now I’m done with that spiel. 

Eat … garlic?

Some people on social media swear by the garlic soup or garlic pasta they make to reduce cold symptoms. I have yet to try this method out, but from a person who loves to use garlic in most of her dishes, more garlic is always better. 

I hope everyone has a healthy and well-rested next few weeks. We all need it for sure!

Abbey Elizondo is a senior double-majoring in professional and creative writing, with a minor in digital marketing. She has been with The Student for a little more than two years and is a senior staff writer.